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Meet the sponsors

Say hello to the brands sponsoring the 2021 Travel Media Awards - here to tell you why they think it's important to be involved. Flavio Zappacosta, Head of UK & Ireland, Italian National Tourist Board - headline sponsor "The Italian National Tourist Board is proud to sponsor the [...]

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Meet Ade Adepitan, recipient of the special contribution award

We're excited to announce that Paralympic medalist, TV presenter and journalist Ade Adepitan is the worthy recipient of the 2021 Special Contribution Award. This year The Travel Media Awards advisory board is pleased to recognise the significant impact of Ade’s reporting and travel broadcasting on both the public and travel media. Ade was born [...]

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Meet the team behind 2020 Blogger/Vlogger of the Year winner, Anywhere We Roam

In the latest of our series of Q&As with the winners of the 2020 Travel Media Awards, we speak to Paul Healy, who along with Mark Barnes runs the Anywhere We Roam blog, about building relationships, finding adventure through difficult times and introducing readers to off-the-beaten track destinations What did it mean to you [...]

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