Our headline sponsor this year is leading technology business Babble.

Founded in 2001, Babble has transformed over 2,000 clients’ organisations through cloud-based solutions that enhance efficiency, flexibility and customer loyalty.

“We’re delighted to be sponsoring this year’s Travel Media Awards and playing our part in recognising industry excellence,” said Matt Parker, Babble’s CEO. “There is no doubt that 2020 was incredibly challenging for all those involved in the industry. But there are exciting times ahead. Over the last 12 months we’ve worked with major travel industry players to transform their businesses, utilising the best technology to ensure they’re well placed to thrive in 2021, and not just survive.”

Babble has some advice for businesses in the hard-hit travel industry looking to rethink and reinvent themselves.

  • Now is a good time to consider new technologies for cost-cutting and future-proofing efficiencies.
  • Travel companies, whether SMEs or large international firms, that take advantage of this time to focus on implementing sustainable practices that enhance customer experience will be the ones to thrive in the post-pandemic world.
  • Migrating to the cloud costs a fraction of the price of having infrastructure on site and eliminates the risk of hardware crashing or failing.

Delivered through long-term client relationships, Babble offers three core solutions to businesses across the world: Babble Comms drives efficiencies through cost saving and productivity improvements; Babble Contact — which has been named as Five9’s EMEA Partner of Year for two consecutive years — increases customer engagement by enabling high quality, positive, productive and ultimately more profitable conversations with customers; and Babble Cyber embeds business resilience by delivering the best cloud-based tools and security available, allowing teams to work the way they want to work.

An example of how the cloud can transform a travel business can be seen in Babble’s work with WebBeds, the leading global travel wholesaler. Babble was chosen to complete a large-scale project to outsource group-wide telephony for the first time, introducing fully automated AI into the day-to-day workstream of its contact centre.

As we move ever closer to the post-pandemic world, travel companies must factor new customer demands into their long-term plans. The travel experience doesn’t start at the airport — it begins with research into where to travel. Travellers have grown more accustomed to researching holiday destinations from the comfort of their own homes rather than choosing to visit in-store. With this in mind, businesses must ensure their websites are efficient and flexible, to help maintain customer engagement and loyalty.

Travel companies must streamline the booking process, not only providing recommendations for hotels and airlines, but also attractions, events and restaurants, giving customers all the information they could possibly need in one place. Cloud solutions help achieve this through enhanced, personalised experience, where recommendations and discounts based on the specific user can be shared, enticing users to purchase.

Cloud travel solutions also make sure that data is easily accessible and available in real-time without glitches, therefore helping to provide users with a seamless experience that will ultimately increase loyalty.

Babble has produced a resource on how to make your business ready for anything, which is downloadable here.

Connect with Babble on Twitter @babble_cloud and LinkedIn.