Regional Publication Section of the Year

Regional Publication Feature of the Year

This award is for features published in a title that’s only available regionally. Features will also be accepted if the publication is published nationally but the majority of the content, including the travel section, varies regionally.

  • Regional features submitted might have been written by one or more writers and must have been published in print or online between 1 May 2021 and 30 April 2022.
  • Print: nominees must submit a dated PDF copy of the feature showing the name of the publication.
  • Online: nominees must submit the URL to access the feature online or a dated PDF copy of the feature showing the publication name. If relevant, they should also submit details on how to access the feature for free.
  • Please state the region, city or area where your publication is distributed.
  • Judges will be looking for consumer travel features that are original, engaging, colourful, informative, well-crafted and easy to read.
  • Where relevant, judges will be rewarding content that shows understating of the publication’s region and target audience.