Specialist Travel Writer of the Year


Specialist Travel Writer of the Year This award is open to professional travel writers or journalists who specialise in a particular travel topic or geographic area. Examples of a travel topic or geographic area could include cruise, safari, luxury, food travel, East Africa, Southeast Asia, etc. In light of Covid-19 we would this [...]

Breaking Travel News


Breaking Travel News: Print, Broadcast and Online This category is open to both consumer and trade travel journalists. Nominees must submit four examples of news stories they published or broadcast between 1 May 2021 and 30 April 2022. Judges will be looking for a journalist who’s demonstrated his or her ability to sniff [...]

Blogger/Vlogger of the Year


Blogger/Vlogger of the Year This award is open to UK travel bloggers or vloggers who’ve been posting regularly for at least a year (to 30 April 2022). Qualifying channels include personal blogs or websites and YouTube and Vimeo channels. Nominees should submit between three and maximum of five examples of dated blog posts [...]

Consumer Publication of the Year – Online


Consumer Publication of the Year – Online This award is open to consumer travel websites or publications that are published regularly on a digital platform. Publications may be published as a website, digital magazine or on a mobile or tablet app. Digital magazines should send the URL of their publication and two chosen [...]

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