Cruise writer Sue Bryant won the Trade Feature of the Year Award at the Travel Media Awards 2019 for her Edge of Tomorrow feature in Cruise Adviser. We chat about her journeys

1. How did you first get into travel writing?
I worked in global event management and sent a feature on spec to one of the trade magazines. Next thing I knew, they’d sent me a cheque. I wrote a few more features and they offered me a job, so I quit event management and trained on the job as a journalist. I’ve never looked back.

2. What’s been the most memorable cruise you’ve ever been on and why?
The Galápagos — I’m passionate about expedition cruising and the wildlife there is extraordinary. It really is a life-changing destination. Also, eastern Greenland for the scenery and hiking. Having said that, I’m on my way to Antarctica as I write and I’m incredibly excited as it’s my first visit, so this will probably go straight into the top three.

3. What do you think makes a destination a great place to write about?
Great scenery, wildlife and meeting the locals. Doing things, rather than just looking. I’d always do a cycling tour of a new city rather than sit on a coach.

4. What’s on your travel hitlist for 2020?
Raja Ampat in Indonesia, which looks extraordinary. Also, the Great Lakes, which I reckon is going to be a big cruise destination with a few new operators there.

5. Is there a cruise you’ve not yet been on that you’d like to try?
I’d love to do the Northwest Passage, or even the Northeast Passage, but these are very long trips. Or the Seychelles on a small ship, or the Kimberley, or the Upper Mekong.

6. Where are you going to keep your award?
It’s sitting on top of the piano.

7. If you could win any other type of award, what would it be? (Oscar? Brit Award? Nobel Peace Prize?)
If conditions permit, I’ll be doing my second Polar Plunge in Antarctica — full immersion in the icy sea. You have to run in from the beach. I’ll get a certificate to add to the one for the plunge I did in Greenland earlier this year, from a beach strewn with blocks of ice.

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