Terms and Conditions

“APL” means APL Media Limited details contained below.

“Sponsor” means any person firm or company who enters into an agreement with the APL. These terms and conditions should be read in conjunction with the terms specified in the Order Confirmation overleaf whose terms shall where there is any conflict prevail

1. Payment terms are 100% of the total contract price to be paid, 7 days from booking date unless other payment terms are specified in the Order Confirmation

2. Invoices are strictly net at the price agreed and exclusive of applicable VAT or other taxes and payable without deduction unless agency commission is agreed in writing as deductible at a specific rate.

3. The contract shall deemed to have been made at the offices of APL.

4. The Sponsor is solely responsible to submit to the APL suitable materials such as logos designs or advertisement copy and press materials in electronic format (in accordance with the APL’s specifications) by the due date failing which the APL reserves the right but shall be not be obliged to print only the name and address of the Sponsor (in any style, size or position at the APL’s sole discretion). All materials are accepted at the APL’s discretion as to suitability.

5. Any unpaid amounts due to APL will carry interest at the rate of 2% per month or part thereof, from due date until payment received by APL, before as well as after judgment. APL invoice for interest charges shall be final and binding upon the Sponsor.

6. All reasonable efforts will be made by the APL to fulfil its obligations, but should the APL be prevented or delayed in carrying out any of their obligations by reason of an Act of God, war, lock-out, fire, flood, delays in transit, strikes, riots, postal delay or any other unexpected or exceptional causes or circumstances beyond their control the time for delivery shall be extended until a reasonable time after the event preventing or interfering with the due performance of APLs obligations has ceased, and in no circumstances is the APL to be liable for any consequential loss or damage suffered by the Sponsor as a result thereof.

7. The terms of the contract as stated in the Order Confirmation and these terms and conditions constitute the entire contract between the Sponsor and APL. Any variations to the contract terms are only valid if signed by a director of APL.

8. APL will take reasonable care of any materials supplied by the Sponsor whilst in the APL’s custody. APL shall not be responsible for loss or damage of material in transit or whilst with any third party.

9. In the event that the Sponsor is in default of its obligations under paragraph 4 (or gives notice that it does not intend to fulfil such obligations prior to their due date the Sponsor agrees to pay the APL as liquidated damages the lesser of:
a) 75% of the APL’s rate card price for the sponsorship or advertisement prevailing at the date of the order or
b) the contract price as agreed between APL and Sponsor credit being given for any payments made by the Sponsor in respect of this order prior to the default or notice.

10. This agreement shall be subject to the laws of England and Wales. The Sponsor submits to the non- exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

11. APL reserves right to vary date of events and publication of any material in connection therewith by not more than+/- 21 days and will notify Sponsor if there is a change to the scheduled date.

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